Thursday, December 16, 2010

LSU's New Basketball Practice Arena Uses Clean, Green Technology

LSU's newest sports facility features a stark white architectural precast finish with self-cleaning and pollution-reducing properties when exposed to sunlight.

With Louisiana's humid environment which is conducive to mildew which discolors building exteriors, Holden Architects, LLC,  selected TX Active Photocatalytic Cement as a potential solution to mildew challenges.

"With our rain and humidity, severe mildew will eventually attack building exteriors, particularly on the north side," explains Tom Holden of Holden Architects in Baton Rouge. "Discoloration can become a problem in a very short time, particularly if you have lighter surface tones."

The new basketball practice facility is part of LSU's Pete Maravich Assembly Center, built in 1971. The architect wanted the new facility design to be in harmony with the landmark center's primarily stark white dome. TX Active's self-cleaning properties offered the university a solution that allows them to maintain its expansive white surfaces while reducing maintenance costs.

Contact a Gate Precast Sales Representative in your area to see why architects are choosing  TX Active as a means of meeting a variety of objectives, not least of which is a focus on sustainability.

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