Tuesday, November 9, 2010

PCI Unveils Two Innovative Products Beneficial to High Speed Rail Projects

US Transportation Department announced last week that 54 high-speed rail projects in 23 states will share $2.4 billion to continue the development of America’s first high-speed intercity passenger rail service.  $800 Million is dedicated to Florida’s Tampa to Orlando High-Speed Rail Corridor.

On the heels of this announcement, Florida’s Department of Transportation is hosting a HSR Industry and Developer Forum today, Nov. 9, at Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL. The forum provides an opportunity to showcase to business groups, economic development organizations and federal, state and local officials highlights on the project and the economic opportunities which could take place surrounding the stations.
Following today's FDOT’s Industry Forum, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) will unveil two new, innovative products -- a precast/prestressed curved tub girder and a crash barrier wall system. These products are especially beneficial to high-speed rail projects, providing speed of construction, durability, and design flexibility while minimizing environmental impact. 

Florida is on tract to open America’s first HSR express service between Tampa and Orlando in 2015. Gate, a leader in prestressed/precast concrete manufacturing, is available to discuss any early design questions you might have regarding the innovative crash barrier wall system and curved tub girder. Feel free to email us at info@gateprecast.com.

For more information:

Interactive Maps of the Florida High Speed Rail: Tampa to Orlando

US Transportation Announces $2.4 Billion for High Speed Rail Projects
receives $800 million for the Tampa to Orlando High-Speed Rail Corridor

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